Anchor Plates or Mini Plates


Paradigms have shifted in the orthodontic world since the introduction of mini-screws and mini-plates. Mini -screws and Mini -plates have allowed the management of wider discrepancies than those treatable by conventional braces because force can be applied directly from the bone-borne anchor unit. These devices enable clinicians to have good control over tooth movement in 3 dimensions. Cases that traditionally needed jaw surgery can now be treated with orthodontics and mini-screws/mini-plates.

These anchorage devices are commonly used to facilitate movement of teeth within the upper and/or lower jaws – when a large amount of tooth movement is required, or dental anchorage is insufficient because of absent teeth or periodontal loss (loss of bone around the teeth).

A Mini-plate can also help to speed up the treatment times that a patient needs to be in braces.

What are mini plates made of?

Mini plates are made of titanium or titanium alloys and come in various sizes and shapes.

Who places them?

Your doctor will refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for placement of the mini-plates. The anchorage devices are generally placed under local anesthetic. When the desired orthodontic movement has been achieved, the temporary anchors can be easily removed by the oral surgeon that placed them.

What to expect following surgery?

Following surgery, you will need to gently rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouth wash for 3-4 days and clean around the bone plates with a cotton swab. It is important that you do not irritate the bone anchors with your tongue or fingers.

Orthodontic bone anchors are well-accepted by patients and orthodontists because they can enhance the success of the orthodontic treatment, making it possible to achieve faster and more precise results. In fact, the use of orthodontic anchors, combined with cutting-edge imaging and surgical technology, has significantly changed and improved the quality of challenging orthodontic procedures.

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